Our Philosophy

At Lanna Rose Jewelry, we work to improve the resilience and preparedness of our USA and Thai communities through long-term partnerships. Our ethos is working with others to maintain positivity and respect through customs and traditions. We integrate this philosophy into our daily operations through our environmentally friendly practices, ethical sourcing of materials, and the respect and care we show to our employees. We believe it is our responsibility as a global company, not just to our customers but to the world we inhabit.

Celebrating Launch with a Gift of Health

The most recent example of our philosophy is the Thai act of “Tham Boon ทำบุญ”, which adapts the idea of being connected to others by performing good deeds.   In partnership with healthcare providers from the Health and Wellness Department of the Chiang Mai Hospital, Lanna Rose Jewelry provided Influenza vaccinations to schoolchildren in impoverished rural areas of Thailand. On our launch day, the Lanna Rose factory team in Thailand celebrated by giving back to the community. Going to Ban PaPong School to volunteer, vaccinate and celebrate over a meal, shows the positive impact we can make, with great respect for culture, children, and families.

Nurse administering vaccine to child  nurse giving child vaccine   donation day snacks