Spring Jewelry Trends to Watch: What's Hot and What's Not

Spring Jewelry Trends to Watch: What's Hot and What's Not

As we bid adieu to the chilly winds and welcome the warm embrace of spring, it's time to refresh our wardrobes and, more importantly, our jewelry boxes. Spring is the season of renewal, and what better way to celebrate than by updating our accessories with the latest trends? Let's dive into the must-have jewelry styles for this spring and see how Lanna Rose Jewelry's collection aligns with these trends, offering chic and fashionable options for every style.

What's Hot:

Bold Gold: This spring, gold jewelry is taking center stage. From chunky gold chains to oversized hoop earrings, the more golden, the better. Lanna Rose Jewelry offers a stunning range of gold pieces, like the Ocean Star Sand Dollar Necklace, that will add a touch of luxury to any spring outfit.

Colorful Enamel and Stones: Bright, colorful enamel and stones are making a big splash this season. Check out Lanna Rose's Daisy Collection for vibrant enamel pieces that will bring your spring wardrobe to life or add a 3-Stone Illusion Necklace for a pop of color that’s both delicate and bold at the same time.   

Nature-Inspired Designs: As flowers bloom and nature awakens, jewelry inspired by the natural world is a perfect fit for spring. Lanna Rose's Signature line features stylized floral motifs while the two-tone Lattice Rose Collection echoes the beauty and freshness of the season.

Layering and Stacking: The trend of layering necklaces and stacking rings continues to thrive this spring. Mix and match Lanna Illusion Necklaces and Stacking Rings to create your unique look.

Pearls with a Twist: Pearls are timeless, but this spring, they're getting a modern makeover. Look for pieces that combine classic pearls with contemporary designs, like Lanna Rose's Ocean Star Pearl Bracelet, which blends traditional elegance with modern flair.


What's Not:

Overly-Minimal Minimalist Pieces: While simplicity has its charm, this spring is about making more of a statement. Opt for bolder, more eye-catching pieces rather than sticking to overly minimalist designs. 

Heavy Metal: While gold is in, overly heavy and bulky metal pieces are out. Instead, opt for lighter, more refined metal jewelry that won't weigh down your spring looks.

Outdated Trends: Say goodbye to trends like tight, heavy chokers and overly geometric shapes. This spring, focus on refreshing your collection with the latest styles that reflect the season's spirit.


Spring 2024 is all about embracing boldness, color, and nature-inspired beauty in your jewelry choices. Lanna Rose Jewelry's collection offers a wide range of options that align perfectly with these trends, ensuring you stay stylish and on-trend throughout the season. Refresh your jewelry box with these must-have pieces and step into spring with confidence and elegance!